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driving instructor training There are many that wish to become a driving instructor due to the relative freedom of being self employed and the income potential but, good driving instructor training will really make the job easier. There are many providers of driving instructor courses but the road to becoming a driving instructor is often made to sound simple by them. The following information on ADI Training and the starter pack from the  DSA is useful and a great place to start.

Skills required

Approved driving instructors require a high standard of driving ability and a sound knowledge of the subjects related to teaching others to drive and must be able to apply these abilities.

Teaching others to drive includes being knowledgeable about:

* how to teach
* how people learn
* how to assess the performance of others
* communication
* interpersonal skills


The qualification examination is in three parts:

* a computer based theory test
* a practical test of your driving ability
* a practical test of your ability to instruct

You must take and pass all three parts of the examination in this order and must complete the whole examination within two years of passing the theory test. If you are unable to complete the examinations within this time you must start again from the beginning and pass each part once again. You can take the theory test as many times as you wish but you are only allowed a maximum of three attempts at each of the practical tests within each two year qualification period.

How can I obtain training?

You may already be undertaking a course with an ADI trainer, but included with the starter pack, you will receive a copy of the official register of driving instructor training (ORDIT). This is a list of establishments and trainers who offer both training for those wishing to become an ADI and retraining for those who feel they require it. The establishments on the list have satisfied the inspection criteria set by the Driver Training Industry and the Driving Standards Agency. 

Applying to become an approved driving instructor

If you decide to embark on this career as a driving instructor, your first step should be to complete the application form enclosed in the starter pack and submit it to the Registrar who will decide if it will be accepted. You will need to send in character references from two people who know you well and will be prepared to vouch for you when approached by the Registrar. You should use the forms enclosed in the pack for these references.

It should not be assumed that acceptance is an automatic process, new applications can be refused by the Registrar if they do not meet the necessary legal requirements.

How to get a starter pack

A starter pack is available from DSA. This includes an explanatory booklet which gives full details of the ADI Register and qualification process, an Official Register of Driving Instructor Training (ORDIT), the ADI question bank and application form.

To order a booklet please call the ADI starter pack booking line with your credit or debit card details. You can find the link to the contact details in the related items box.

Alternatively send a cheque or postal order made payable to the 'Driving Standards Agency' to:

Driving Standards Agency
ADI Branch
Stanley House
56 Talbot Street

Source www.dsa.gov.uk