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The best way to get cheap driving lessons is via block booking discounts.  Most driving schools / driving instructors will offer a discount if you purchase a number of lessons in advance.  The lesson times do not normally have to be booked all at once though.

The amount of block booking discount can vary between driving schools and the amount of lessons needed to be purchased in advance to qualify for the block booking discount.  Some driving schools will offer a greater block booking discount the more lessons that are booked in advance.

Block booking driving lessons can reduce the cost of training quite considerably. Always ask the driving school in advance if they offer block booking discounts and what their terms are. This is the best way to get cheap driving lessons.

If the price of a driving lesson seems too cheap, you should clarify the following:
 - Are the lessons for a full 1 hour?
 - Is the driving instructor qualified to teach (a green badge/licence should be displayed on the windscreen)?

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