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All ADI's (Approved Driving Instructors) will have passed the DSA's (Driving Standards Agency) test of driving ability.  It is an advanced driving test and a very high standard of competence is required.  The candidate must show that they have a thorough knowledge of the principles of good driving and road safety and that they can apply them.  The examiner must be satisfied on the following areas:

- Expert handling of the controls. 
- Use of correct road procedure.
- Anticipation of the actions of other road users and the taking of appropriate action.
- Sound judgement of distance, speed and timing.
- Consideration for the convenience and safety of other road users.

ADI's (driving instructors) can therefore deliver advanced driving lessons for advanced driving skills. With appropriate advanced driving lessons and practice everybody should be able to drive in an advanced manner.  The benefits of this are:

- Improved skills will make you safer and have more enjoyment from your driving.
- Less wear and tear on your vehicle.
- Improved fuel consumption.
- Reduced level of driver stress.

The cost for advanced driving lessons are generally slightly higher than those charged for learner drivers as the miles covered for advanced driving lessons are more than those of learner drivers.  Fuel costs and wear and tear on the vehicle are therefore greater.  There may be discounts offered if you book an Advanced Driving course.

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