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A brand new initiative for learner drivers has been put together by Jo Winfrey Adv Dip Couns. of  ‘Time Out’ Counseling Services and Ancholme Driving School in Scunthorpe, to promote road safety for learner drivers, with particular emphasis on ATTITUDE to driving.

The Driving Standards Agency recently reported that ‘There is increasing evidence that young driver accidents are the result of “attitudinal factors” as opposed to “skill deficit” factors’ ( Despatch.  DSA Magazine.  April 2007) This means that even if you are an exceptionally skilled driver, you may still cause an accident because of your ATTITUDE on that particular day; This is the case for everyone, not just new drivers.

In the form of a low cost 2 hour seminar that highlights the dangers of aggressive driving, speeding, tailgating and other risky driver behaviours, it looks at driver attitudes in detail, for example: Road Rage and how to manage this on the roads using simple anger management skills. It could well mean the difference between life or death on the road.

Driving instructors will already be doing their best to promote good driver attitude while teaching, but with the best will in the world, learner drivers will be trying to concentrate on their driving skills, scan the road ahead and listen to their instructor all at the same time. It is debatable how much of what is being said is actually being taken in. Road safety training taken in a classroom rather than on a practical driving lesson means that the participants can give the subject their full attention and really take the subject in.

The emphasis with driver training generally seems to be on passing the driving test as quickly and as cheaply as possible. This is false economy. SAFE DRIVER training in addition to practical driver training may well prove to be cost effective, in that the learner driver starts by developing the right attitude before they go out on the road. A relatively new driver that I spoke to recently has just had a minor accident because of his impatience and this is costing him £500 in repairs. If he goes through his insurance he will almost certainly be paying a higher premium next year.

Road safety is taught in schools and maybe again AFTER you have been involved in an accident. Isn’t it the job of driving schools and instructors to do their utmost to put new drivers on the road as safely as possible? We think so, which is why this in-house training has been put together.