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Driving Articles and News

Please Do Not Treat Your Driving Instructor Like This
Driving instructors are highly trained and continue to be via CPD (Continued Professional Development). However, despite that, they are certainly not prepared for this:

Winter Driving Preparations for You and Your Car
Winter Driving Checklist For Car Maintenance And Safety – An infographic by the team at RACShop

Driving Examiner’s Strike – Thursday 10 July 2014
If you have a driving test (not theory test) on 10th July you should still show up in good time despite the possibility of strike action. If your test is cancelled because of a strike a new one will automatically be booked for you. Driving examiners who are members of the Public and Commercial Service […]

Cheaper Theory Tests from October 2014 for Learner Drivers
Learning to drive is an expensive outlay but the Government is lending a hand! The cost of car and motorcycle theory tests will drop from £31 to £25 in October 2014, and then to £23 in October 2015. Theory test The cost of the driving theory test will be cut by 25%, saving learner drivers […]

Beware when Applying for your UK Driving Licence Online
First it was booking a driver theory test online. Now it seems that 3rd party websites are happy to review that your driving licence application is correct before submitting it for you. You are of course then charged handsomely for the privilege! DVLA warns that when applying online for your driving licence, you should always […]

You can always browse through the thousands of towns that we have driving instructors listed within. With so many, you are sure to find that 'perfect' instructor for your driving lessons.


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