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Having passed your driving test is a great feeling and an achievement to be proud of. Unfortunately, then comes the expense! Buying a car is one thing but the cost of young drivers insurance these days is exorbitant.

As a result of this, young people try and save money by buying an older cheaper car. The problem here is that these cars, apart from being less reliable, are not as safe as a modern cars and often lack safety features such as Anti Lock Brakes, high NCAP safety ratings, Airbags etc. Also, modern cars are more fuel efficient and this alone will drain your wallet.

To try and reduce costs and in the absence of cheap car insurance for young drivers, parents will sometimes insure the car using their own no-claims bonus. You are under an obligation to inform the insurance company of the identity of the main driver when you insure a car, it is wrong to assume that because you own the car it is acceptable not to tell the insurance company of the real details.

Insurance companies are getting tough and stamping down!

If the car is solely or even predominantly used by the young driver the policy must be insured in the main driver’s name. If the insurer finds out they are very likely to cancel the policy or worse still, in the event of an accident, refuse to pay out or demand a substantial contribution from you.

It is great for you once you have passed your test as freedom and the open road is bestowed on you. It is a worrying time for parents though. These worries are eased if they know that every precaution has been taken to ensure your safety in case of an accident – a modern car fulfills this.

This is all very well but isn’t the cost of a new car and young drivers car insurance going to be way beyond my means? Normally, probably yes. An innovative company has managed to put together a package whereby you can own a new car, full insured, for the same amount it would cot you to run an old banger! A no-brainer really.

Visit the the Marmalade website and obtain an instant and free quote for a car and young drivers insurance. You will be very surprised! Once you have done that, make sure you show your Mum & Dad your findings and the website. They will be happy to know that their cherished ‘young person’ is driving around in a reliable, safe and economical car and with effective new driver insurance (learner driver insurance also provided). You will learn that cheap car insurance for young drivers is possible.

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